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1. Why o Why?

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

3. That’s the least of your problems!

It was an ordinary day in the beginning of March, 2006. But, the pronouncement made by the visiting  Neurologist at IIT Hospital was anything but ordinary

“What you have is a degenerative disease – will get worse as you age and we don’t know at what rate ”.

I tried to protest saying that the large amount of coffee I consume caused the symptoms. But the tests that were ordered discounted all other possibilities, clinically confirming the diagnosis.

Almost four years pass by.

I am in a new private hospital in Mumbai being rushed on a hospital gurney for some urgent tests. I looked at the young doctor who was accompanying me to the testing room and reminded him that it was time for my medicines for the ailment diagnosed four years earlier.

Why do you worry? That’s the least of your problems,” says the young doctor, perhaps thinking that those words would soothe me and make me feel less worried about what I had been living with for years.