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Monday, 15 May 2017

20. Call your mother, even if it is not Mother's Day

One more Mother's Day is history.

The number of messages  sent  (to  mothers) would have been record-setting.

With whatsapp ruling the day, most messages would have been text messages with lots of esoteric attachments proclaiming a son or daughter's love for their mother. However attractive your message to your mother was, it may not have had same impact on your mother as hearing your voice and responding to your greetings with her loving verbal hugs.

Fortunately, you don't have to wait for the next Mother's Day to make amends. Mother's Day or not, mothers love the voice of their children.

So, even if you sent a text message to your mother,  call her. Like any mother, yours would love to hear your voice. I am sure your mother will not complain that  you had already written to her. And, you have many reasons to call her...

  • because she is always wondering how you have been -- during your last  call to her, weeks ago, you sounded as though you had a cold. She is worried whether  you are ok now. 
  • because you had to interrupt your last call to her -- your boss called to firm up the date for an important meeting. You had promised to call her soon after, but that is yet to happen.
  • because even though she has live-in help since she lives alone,  a call from you will perk her up like nothing else. At her age, hearing the voice of her children and grandchildren  can do wonders to her demeanor. 
  • because your mother's experience in managing a family can benefit you;  so far, even though you need her advice badly, you have been reluctant to ask.
  • because your mother  has done for you things like nobody else can or will. For all the hours she has  put in to nurture you, you can not compensate  her, but calling her  is the least you can do.
Whether or not you called or wrote to your mother on Mother's Day, call her today.

She deserves to hear from you everyday!